The Ayurveda Therapies At Resort

Ayurvedais the lifestyle science that helps you realign your energies and rejuvenate yourself. The universe is made of five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether. We are microcosms of this universe, with the five elements presenting as biological energies in our bodies. A natural balance of these energies creates health and harmony. In Ayurvedic treatments, we provide complete healing solutions that encompass the body, mind and soul.Treatments:Abhyanga – Traditional Ayurvedic MassageA full body massage administered by trained therapist working in complete harmony using warm medicated herbal oils.Rejuvenates : Healthy glowing skin, good sleep, strengthens the body.Cures : Arthritis, backache and stress.Duration : 45 minutes.Head and Shoulder Massage–Instant NirvanaAtherapy based on ancient tradition, the Indian head massage is a great way to relax the muscles of your head, neck and shoulders, increase concentration and relieve daily stress. Feel muscle knots release with every agile movements of the therapist. What's more, it also makes your hair healthy and shiny.Duration : 20-30 minutes.Foot MassageIndiantraditional therapy in which massage is given on lower part of foot. Acupressure is given on key points of foot which not only removes leg pain but also have relieving effect on whole body.Duration : 20 minutes.